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Know what it is?

"ikigai" is a Japanese word that refers to a reason to live, a reason to get up every day with enthusiasm and a purpose in life. Ikigai is considered to be the result of combining four elements: what you love to do, what you are good at doing, what people are willing to pay for, and what the world needs. In short, it's about finding a balance between what makes you happy and what adds value to society.

The purpose of ikigai is to help us discover our passion, what we love to do, what we are good at, what the world needs and what we would be willing to be rewarded for.

To find your ikigai, you must reflect on your passions, talents, profession and vocation. Think about the activities that make you feel happy and fulfilled, those that you are good at and that others value, and how you can use them to serve others and make a positive difference in the world..

You can also ask yourself questions, like: What makes me happy? What am I really passionate about? What was I paid for? What talents do I have that I can use to make a positive difference in the world? Once you have identified these aspects, try to find a combination that integrates them and leads you to your ikigai.

By knowing their ikigai, a person or companies can have a clear idea of what is important to them and how to find balance and meaning in their life.

Ikigai changes over time because people evolve and their interests, passions and needs do too. It is important to regularly review and update ikigai to stay in tune with yourself and your purpose in life.

I invite you to fill out the following form and we will help you define your IKIGAI. Then you can reflect on your ikigai, identify it and look for how to integrate it into your daily life to find greater satisfaction and fulfillment. 

Cheer up and discover your ikigai!